WP2: Unified programming model for data-intensive applications


WP3: Scalable Monitoring and Auto-tunning


WP4: Exascale data management


WP5: Validation through applications

D5.1 Validation through applications  

The first activity of Task T5.1 has been the definition of the strategy for use-case requirements collection and analysis. The strategy includes guidelines for identifying and formalizing these requirements. Requirements from all use cases have gathered in a repository that will be used during the project for follow up activities and their result evaluations. A sharing and negotiation process between the partners has been carried out to ensure that all project members share the same understanding and prioritization of requirements. The second activity of the task has been to organize, sort, and cluster require- ments that are common to all the use cases. Common requirements are addressed with priority as that may have a major impact on the project. The set of use cases (urban computing, opinion mining, biomedicine and deep learning) have been selected to provide a good landscape to understand the needs of data-intensive applications in Exascale systems.